Searching for a parking place is a burden that often takes up far too much of drivers’ valuable time and unnecessarily eats into their fuel costs. War Eagle Parking strives to lift that burden using FoPark—an innovative technology that shows drivers the availability of open spaces in a parking lot in real time on their smartphones, tablets, or computers.


Using cameras installed in a parking lot, War Eagle Parking uses digital video parsing technology to process live video streams that accurately monitor open or filled parking spaces in a lot or deck. A user can access the technology via the War Eagle Parking app on his or her smart phone or tablet to reveal the location of available spaces, the length of time cars have been parked and other useful information for both the customer and parking manager.


War Eagle Parking and FoPark are developed by McNutt & Company.

Accurate & Real-time

Accurately reports on open and occupied parking spaces in near real-time all around campus

Choose Your Zone

Configure the parking app to show only the parking zones you care about

Cross Platform

Parking availability information can be accessed online or through the mobile app